Charge Up Soap Collection

Charge Up! Campaign is nonprofit survivorship campaign that supports, educates, empowers, and celebrates men, women and youth who have fought against health, social, and economic concerns. The campaign will bring awareness and support to those affected through its support programs, social events and special projects.

The Charge Up Campaign focuses on the importance of reducing mental health challenges that arise due to social, economic and health concerns primarily in rural communities.

Charge Up Campaign works to provide resources and opportunities that contributes to positive change while educating and restoring the meaning of happy. Our mission is dedicated to encouraging a positive outlook on life in spite of the challenges that are faced.

Charge Up Campaign work to spread smiles that are projected well past being termed a survivor; our supports focus on providing unique opportunities that create a network of survivors that can support and guide one another.

As an organization, we provide and educate the community about preventative measures that can improve the percentage of survivors and promote positive lifestyles.